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About Us

The creative spirit inspires us to create small batch products that are of the highest quality. Our promise is to produce the finest in products from European suppliers in Poland and England, while also focusing on local production here in the states. 

The goal of our lifestyle brand is to produce beautiful things. Beautiful things that engage the senses by using the finest materials. We want you to be as inspired as we are by the sparkle of a blown glass ornament. An ornament that catches your eye and fills you with emotion. Inspired by the feel of a whimsy-shaped puzzle piece between your fingertips. Comforted by a vibrant, soft pillowcase as it nestles your head.

Journey with us as we create for you products that in an instant bring back memories to be shared. Products that can be enjoyed year-round or during special times of the year. Products that will stand the test of time. Products that will be known by future generations. Products that tell a story - your story.