Thank you for shopping our online store which features the finest in Polonaise glass ornaments. Any of our ornaments will surely be a distinctive addition to your home.

Our ornaments are 100% hand-crafted.

Crafting glass ornaments requires professionals of various handicrafts, and we have the honor of working with the best in the industry. The process in which ornaments are created is extremely complex. It starts in the blowing-hall.

It is there that the blowers, using blowtorches, build the skeleton of the ornament from a sodium glass pipe. The pipe is heated with a properly adjusted flame, and once the glass can be plastically formed, it is given its final shape in a mold. Additional parts of the ornament are glued to its skeleton, if needed. This makes the bulb exquisitely unique.

The skeleton of the ornament is then rested for a few days in order to make sure that it conforms to our strict quality control, so that it can serve you, our customer, for generations.

After that pause the skeleton is covered from the inside with silver nitrate, to give the ornament a beautiful silver color and to provide an exceptional glow to the decoration paint. The final phase of the process comprises strict quality control and packaging the ornament in a protective box.

The above technology has been perfected for many years by our dedicated craftsmen. This allows us to offer elegant, unique, top quality products. Due to such heritage and dedication, the Polish glass ornaments are known as the best over the world.